Guardian Preservation & Restoration Services, Inc.

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Service, Reliability, & Understanding

At Guardian we strive to treat each and every person, potential client, customer, and non-customer as family.  You will receive respect and understanding from day one.

As such, we feel that we should tell you something about us.

For over 26 years, Guardian's owner and Director of Operations, has been working on foreclosed homes through another business.

During that time, they pumped out a lot of basements full of water, cleaned out mold-ridden furniture, tore out mold infested drywall, and various mold infested building materials.

There was also an "acceptable" way of cleaning up this microbial growth. 

During this time, the owner and director of operations saw crew members experiencing various health issues and saw that the "acceptable" method of cleaning up microbial growth was not sufficient.

They went to the drawing board, researched, and found out the correct way to deal with mold and microbial growth.  However, they did not want to do it with toxic or harmful chemicals and found TM-100.  In business they went with a few goals in mind.

Some goals agreed upon were to not only to treat mold with a safe, non-toxic, enzyme based product but to also educate customers, realtors, and anyone wanting to learn about mold, it's affects, and how not to let it affect their lives.

Over time, Guardian not only grew and helped many families, businesses, and various non-profit associations, but also made some changes to help more families.

The owner of Guardian recently parted ways with a co-owner, who wanted to do something different, and will continue to stick to the basics of what Guardian was originally based upon:  Helping educate customers, solving mold issues, and treating homes/buildings with a safe, non-toxic, enzyme based, mold product.

With Guardian, you are choosing a company and people with years of experience, a company who cares, a company who will service your property properly, a company you can rely on, and a company who will do it's best to understand what each and every customer is experiencing.