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Natural Mold Remediation

Restoring What's Important Naturally!

Have some "black mold" that has you concerned?  Need to know what "black mold" is all about?  Need someone to remove mold in your home? Need someone to verify that a pre-existing mold issue has been taken care of correctly and effectively?

At Guardian Preservation & Restoration Services, Inc. we strive to not only
take care of your mold problem but also educate you in mold and moisture issues so that once the mold is taken care of, it will not return.

One MUST remember mold is the effect of your true problem.  Your true problem is moisture and our trained professionals will do their best to not only help locate the source of moisture but also solve the mold issue at hand.

We will LISTEN.  It is your home and no one knows your home better than you do.  We will attempt to ask questions that may help you even determine the source of moisture.  Some companies just want to tell you what the issues are but our knowledge and experience says we need to be a team.  You may not be a "Professional" in mold but you are a Professional in your home.

Whether you need a mold inspection, testing, mold remediation, cleanup, advice, or just some general knowledge about mold, it's causes, and it's affects, we are here to help.  If we can't supply you with an answer, we will do everything in our power to lead you to the right source or in the right direction.

If necessary, we will remove mold, whether black mold, grey, white, or any of the many other colors of mold, using our natural blend of enzymes.  We will perform our mold remediation service using your entire home as our containment barrier making sure all mold levels throughout your home have been corrected.